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Nothing is impossible. How many times have we heard that phrase? Probably more than we can count. It’s so overused that we almost brush it off now as just another cliche.

So, what are my chances of sounding believable when I say nothing is impossible? Probably the same as my chances of doing anything tech-savvy. But I did. I DIY-ed a website, all by myself, within a month.

A Little Background Info About How to DIY Blog

I’ve been writing for a decade now. And in 2019, I switched to freelancing. I don’t know if other writers can relate, but I believe this profession makes you more vulnerable. 

You feel everything deeply and often encounter writer’s block. And in the long run, you battle several mental health issues.

How to Cope With Stress & Anxiety as a Writer?

My sufferings led me on a journey to self-help. Ironically, a self-help writer set out to help herself use her profession for mental peace. And it worked! Again, nothing is impossible, right?

It started with journaling my thoughts. Eventually, I wanted to share what helped me through those dark times with others. Those who may not be proficient in crafts but have some kind of creative talent.

Finding An Audience

Writing as a ghostwriter is quite different from writing for a dedicated audience who wants to hear your story. That’s what worked in my favor.

I penned my DIY journey and received a great response. That encouraged me to share all about my art & craft adventures, from rookie fails to successful projects.

Fun fact: I DIY-ed a website about DIY. 

Okay, bad pun. Let’s move on.

But How Did I Build My Website?

Now, to the technical part: my weakest link. I knew nothing about websites. Scratch that, my overall tech knowledge was as good as someone living in the stone age. 

So, I read tutorials, took baby steps, and used ready-made templates to achieve the desired website look. I learned terms like Javascript, CSS, HTML. I learnt how to build pages, linking strategies, keyword research and optimization, and whatnot. All within a month.

And which cliche does this remind us of? That’s right, nothing is impossible. Within 8 weeks, my site started ranking on Google. I must’ve done something right, I guess.

Photo by Stephen Phillips – on Unsplash

The Pros And Cons Of DIY-ing a Website

Although a month seems like a short time to get things going, it seemed like forever to me. There were sleepless nights trying to find answers and figure things out. Sometimes, I spent hours on something and failed. But found an easier alternative and kept going.

The highlight for me was getting the website set up without spending a penny. Of course, I paid for the hosting provider and domain, but that’s it. No website building or SEO services were used. Another benefit was learning the most important lesson of my life, one that I’m sharing with Elena Stewart’s audience today: nothing is impossible.

Final Thoughts About My DIY Website

My success was a result of sheer determination and not giving up. If you have a story, a skill, or a service to share with the world, you can do this too. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on professional services. 

Believe me, you can DIY a website to your utmost satisfaction because no one knows your preferences like you. If you need any help doing this, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Have fun!